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Our Process Guarantees Expedited Commercial Property Appraisal

Combining collaboration and cutting edge technology for an ideal customer experience.

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WestRock specializes in expedited commercial property appraisal assignments

We complete appraisals in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. Simultaneously, we offer our clients a superior product at a competitive price. With the collaboration of our team, we use state of the art technology to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction, no matter the time frame.

The success of our appraisal reports relies on a multifaceted approach to achieve fast turnaround times.

We emphasize the collaborative nature of our team’s workflow - all hands on deck. This keeps up our team’s momentum, reduces downtime, and cuts the project’s time from start to finish by over 50%. This synergy also ensures accuracy and consistency of all of our valuations.
Using secure technology, our appraisers have access to crucial information wherever they are. 
Inspection photos and field information constantly flows from the field to our supporting appraisal team, ensuring the continuous receipt of relevant market information to conclude our appraisal analysis.
With the use of a flexible workday, we’ve found that our team designs their work schedules with efficient workflow in mind. Reports are frequently delivered well before deadlines, even when the team is working on multiple jobs. We go above and beyond to complete assignments - even working nights and weekends as needed.
The appraisal software we’ve developed also speeds up our turnaround times. The software expedites each phase of the report, from data input to the production of the finished report. Nothing is sacrificed for this speed - consistency, accuracy, and minimal errors are all guaranteed when our team uses our latest technology. Truly an unmatched collaboration between team and tech, we deliver superior service at reasonable prices. Let us use this technology and our edge to your advantage.

At WestRock, we take pride in offering industry-leading turnaround times at competitive prices. Call us at 973-WESTROCK to discuss your particular valuation needs and we will provide you with a no obligation quote for your appraisal needs.

Want to know more about the tech behind our fast appraisals?

Let this process work for you to knock out your commercial property appraisal, fast and sure. We’re ready if you are. 


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