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Why Order an Appraisal?

November 02, 2022

There are a wide variety of circumstances under which a real estate appraisal is appropriate. Some of the more common reasons that people order commercial real estate appraisals include:

  • To determine a fair asking price when selling a property
  • To determine how much to pay when purchasing a property
  • For financing/loan approval purposes (whether related to a purchase transaction or the refinancing of an existing loan)
  • To determine the loss in value caused by an easement, other encumbrance, or taking of real estate (e.g. eminent domain proceedings)
  • For gift tax or other IRS-related purposes
  • For inheritance or estate purposes
  • For divorce proceedings
  • For real estate tax grievances (tax certiorari)
  • Simply to know what your property is really worth

Whatever your appraisal needs are, WestRock can help. Give us a call today and we will assist you in obtaining a high-quality appraisal at a competitive price.