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Mixed-Use Property Appraisals

How WestRock Performs Mixed-Use Property Appraisals

An appraisal generally requires the understanding of a property’s intended use - historic or projected. What makes a mixed-use property so potentially profitable also makes it difficult to evaluate this property type using general appraisal methods. With increasing needs in mixed-use spaces, multipurpose properties are more desirable than ever in this market. Live-work spaces, multi-use living and retail properties, and other combinations are in demand due to the proliferation of multi-use property. As such, mixed use development and real estate is booming. 

By combining two separate types of real estate property, an appraisal needs to address all potential real estate factors, e.g. multiple zoning criteria, varied income streams, and additional questions of property taxes. A valuation service will have to address these different contributing factors and the current market’s impact on them. 

To participate in mixed-use property development, in any of its stages, requires acquiring a property appraisal. Ideally, you’d like to find a partner that has experience in mixed use property valuation. WestRock is such a partner, having experience in the valuation of mixed use buildings, retail stores, and commercial and residential properties.  

With WestRock’s team of appraisers, you are guaranteed an accurate appraisal conducted with up-to-date market analysis, property comparisons, and the latest in valuation technology.


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Who Needs a Mixed-Use Property Appraisal?

Regardless of the role you play in this multi-use property (developer, lender, investor, or property owner), an accurate appraisal is to your benefit. It will ensure all parties are working with the most recent information, data, and relevant analysis. WestRock generates property appraisals for any property type, which makes a WestRock examination of mixed-use property especially comprehensive and informative.

We value the establishment and strengthening of our relationships. Whether you are acquiring a commercial appraisal on behalf of a client or for yourself, we are ready to help.

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Each real estate property is different and WestRock’s prices are tailored to each appraisal assignment.

Contact us to discuss the details of your needs to establish your real estate appraisal’s unique price.

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You need more than just service from your real estate appraiser. When so much of what you do relies on quality real estate appraisals, you need experience, transparency, and expertise. That's what it means to work with WestRock.

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