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Real Estate Portfolio Property Appraisals

Getting a Real Estate Portfolio Appraisal

Moving forward with investment decisions and partnerships requires assuredness and peace of mind. A portfolio valuation of such partnerships means an assessment of all the properties within, a daunting task for any investor. WestRock’s experience generating estate portfolio property appraisals, using cutting edge valuation technology and the collaborative efforts of its team, will ensure you have all the information you need to proceed with any investment decision. 

Looking to value a real estate portfolio or expand your own through an investment property, an appraisal report is a necessary first step. Real estate portfolios contain individual property assets. If you’re trying to understand the value of the whole portfolio, you’ll need to have all properties in the portfolio evaluated individually. A quality appraisal will provide any real estate investor with extensive knowledge and market analysis based on a property’s historic and projected income - allowing you to make a decision about the viability of this real estate investment or the portfolio as a whole. 

To properly assess the property’s value within a real estate portfolio, WestRock’s team relies on their substantial experience and market analysis in property valuation to establish a property’s investment potential. By scrutinizing a property’s rental income stream, comparative properties and their sale price, and several other variables, a WestRock appraisal is designed to be both exploratory and informative. 

Through this method, you can be sure that WestRock has your investment interests in mind by guaranteeing an accurate, up-to-date, and detailed appraisal report.

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Who Can Use a Real Estate Portfolio Appraisal?

The valuation of a wide variety of properties is a demanding enterprise. It requires an understanding of many property types and the variables that comprise their value. WestRock has experience in many types of properties under varying market conditions. As such, WestRock can evaluate properties in a portfolio that possesses a variety of property types. 

By analyzing a property’s cash flow, comparable property sales, location, and associated costs, WestRock generates an accurate appraisal report that reflects a property’s value and the effects the market has on its desirability. Appraisals are your strongest advantage in determining the value each property contributes to a real estate investment portfolio. 

Our partnerships are our strongest asset. Whether you are seeking a commercial appraisal on behalf of a client or for yourself, we are ready to help.



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Our Commercial Appraisal Reports

Experience Matters


Prices vary on specific appraisal reports because of many factors like: 

  • Property type
  • Size and complexity of property
  • Property location and travel distance involved
  • Ease of obtaining data in the relevant market area
  • Scope of work
  • Reporting format
  • Turnaround time

Each commercial property is different and WestRock’s prices are tailored to each appraisal assignment.

Contact us to discuss the details of your needs to establish your appraisal’s unique price.

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