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Multi-Family Property Appraisals

How WestRock Performs Multi-Family Property Appraisals

A multi-family commercial property is a complex compilation of several factors and so is the valuation of such a property. An appraisal for multi-family properties is different from single family properties by examining these distinguishing factors. The examination of quantitative data like the number of potential multi family units, rents generated, and the sales of comparable properties all contribute to a multi family property’s valuation. 

The comparable sale of similar properties is pivotal to the valuation of multi family properties - you need an experienced appraisal service to analyze this data. WestRock’s appraisers are all knowledgeable of comparative data, contributing variables, and the differences between multi-family property and single family homes. This distinction is crucial in the valuation of these complex properties. 

A multi-unit property valuation comes with the market rent factored into the purchase price, which is only established after an appraisal has been conducted. Thus, no part of the selling, buying, or investing process can begin without an appraisal. Commercial real estate is ever fluctuating and the valuation of it is dependent on the market’s behavior, which is reflected in the sales of comparable properties in the past 12 months. WestRock generates each appraisal with quality analysis of the current market designed to provide you with the most accurate appraisal. 

Only with a WestRock appraisal will you be able to begin your investment journey with surety and confidence.

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Who Needs a Multi-Family Property Appraisal?

A detailed and accurate appraisal report will help you regardless of what your role in this multi-family property is. Developer, property owner, lender, or investor - an appraisal is key to an informed investment decision. 

We take pride in establishing and cultivating strong partnerships. Whether you are working on behalf of a client or you yourself are seeking commercial appraisal services, we are ready to help.



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Prices vary on specific appraisal reports because of many factors like: 

  • Property type
  • Size and complexity of property
  • Property location and travel distance involved
  • Ease of obtaining data in the relevant market area
  • Scope of work
  • Reporting format
  • Turnaround time

Each commercial property is different and WestRock’s prices are tailored to each appraisal assignment.

Contact us to discuss the details of your needs to establish your appraisal’s unique price.

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