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Join the WestRock team as we explore the nuances in the real estate appraisal and valuations industry.

Unlocking the Value of Multifamily Investments: Site Value, Bricks and Mortar, and Cap Rate

When you venture into the world of multifamily real estate investments, it's essential to ...

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National Estate Planning Week 2023: Securing Your Legacy with WestRock Appraisal

The third week of October marks National Estate Planning Week, a time to highlight the significance ...

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Appraisers' Crucial Role in Freddie Mac Transactions

Real estate appraisal firms play a crucial role in the process of applying for a Freddie Mac loan ...

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Banks Facing Overlooked Risk

The Wall Street Journal's recent findings shed light on a pressing issue that has been lurking ...

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WestRock: Your Partner in Estate Planning Appraisals

When it comes to estate planning, ensuring the accurate valuation of your assets is crucial. ...

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Automated Appraisal Review Tools

I came across an appraisal report automated review tool. Has anyone tested it out or worked with a ...

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Westrock Teams Up with DAASS for Real Estate's Future

In a bold stride towards nurturing budding talents and fostering interest in the realm of real ...

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What does a commercial real estate appraiser do?

Commercial real estate appraisers in the United States are licensed professionals who specialized ...

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Requisitioning a Property Appraisal After Death

Hiring the right appraiser can be a difficult task. Whether it’s phone consultations or meetings, ...

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Who Appraises Property for Tax Purposes - The Difference Between Appraisal and Assessment

We at WestRock pride ourselves on our accurate and factually detailed appraisal reports to ...

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